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The Skill Up Africa is a project conceived by Get Up Youth Africa. Get Up Youth Africa is a youth focused organisation with the aim to inspire, ignite and equip the youths for personal and community transformation. This we do via various arms of our movement.


Nigeria is bedeviled with a myriad of problems, which despite her oil wealth, inhibits her development. Unemployment is one of the developmental problems that face every developing economy in this twenty-first century, and Nigeria is not exempted

Available records clearly shows that in the last two decades of the independence of Nigeria as a sovereign nation (1960s and 1970s), unemployment and its attendant consequence: poverty, were not of national concern as they are today.

Despite many policies and programmes, youth unemployment remains a major challenge to the developmental process of the Nigerian economy. Youth unemployment appears to be shooting up the sky as many Nigerian youths lack appropriate skills that will empower them after graduation from school

Faced with the foregoing, Get Up Youth Decided to be the change and encourage others to be same.

The programme is aimed at designing and articulating policies to tackle general unemployment problem in the economy.


In other to achieve its mandate, GUYA immediately spread its tentacle

The Get Up Youth Africa in her quest to empower and equip the youths beyond the saying is starting up a project tagged SKILL UP ACADEMY

This is an intervention program against unemployment and her sister unemployability. Via this academy, we aim to scale the skills of over 4000 youths this year(2019) in 4 Cohorts and create at least 5000 employment opportunities through direct training.

The aim of this academy is to reduce unemployment by equiping the youths with skills that would make them productive as well as increase employability of our youths (not everyone would be an entrepreneur) by building the skill capacity of the youths. Featuring skills that are necessary in building a business or/and as an employee.

This is designed as an incubation program whereby youths will be inspired, enhance their skill base and also their value and productivity base.

The essence of this program cannot be overemphasized as unemployment has birthed lots of societal problems today [the most recent and disastrous being the ‘yahoo yahoo’]. This has further built the culture of greed and lack of patience in the mind of many youths. Just the seed of unemployment has birthed these vices…of which we must stop the spread. Bearing this in mind, we are particular about a mindset revamp but more so a practical and hands-on intervention.

When we empower the youths, we build a stronger community and brighter future.

For the maiden edition (Cohort one, June 2019), we empowered about 300 African Youths learning one skill out of 20 skills on selection. We facilitated these by having professionals on board to train on the basic and intermediary knowledge of this skill with assignments, opportunities where neccesary, certification and a platform to engage the facilitators for even further training outside our platform.

Now we are moving on to empower more! Would you be part of this movement. Skill Up!

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