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15 students

‘’This course has been designed to help entry level small business owners understand the fundamentals of business structuring via access to appropriate information required to launch, drive and scale their businesses’’




It’s no longer news that so many businesses will shut down between 1-3 years of operation in Africa and specifically in Nigeria. There exists a conscious prevailing issue of inadequate enabling environment for new beginners to thrive and scale their businesses. However there exists a subconscious and even more prevailing issue of the lack of structure for these new businesses that spring up in droves. It’s extremely hard for new business owners to navigate the harsh business environment without a knowledge of operational structure at the very basic level The Basic Business Course (BBC) is a beginner level course designed specifically for entry level business entrepreneurs and new start-ups. The course will look at the fundamentals of business structuring. It will equip and empower new business owners or intending business owners with the appropriate basic information required to launch, drive and scale their businesses. Whether you have started running a business for 2 years and below or you’re on the verge of starting a business, then this course is definitely for you. If you have been in business for several years and unsure of what you’re actually doing, you have found the right course to get you kick started.


  • Intending small business owners
  •  New small business owners
  •  Existing small business owners with no appropriate basic knowledge of
  • structure
  •  Entrepreneurs who desire to build a strong personal brand for business
  •  Existing small business owners who desire to rebuild their businesses from scratch


#1. This course may not be relevant to mid-level and high-level business owners as the information in this course has been specifically tailored to starters and those who are on the early-phases of launching their businesses. This is a business enabling course for starters to launch and build a well-structured business at the very basic level.

#2. Taking this course does not guarantee that you will make millions in revenue and profit hence, this is not a money-making course. However, the authenticity of the information contained in this course is designed to empower you with the capacity to make as much money as you desire because you would have understood the basics of business structuring.

#3. Taking this course also does not guarantee that you will see visible results within your business. The results that you will experience will be determined by your behavioral response and adjustments to the information you will come across in this course. In essence, you will only get results, if you act appropriately in line with the information you’ll will be equipped with.

The Strategist, Victor Onyekere is recognized as one of Nigeria’s and Africa’s Life, Behavioural Change and Productivity Coach. He’s a Human Development Professional working to transition people and organizations from their current reality to their desired productivity Victor is an alumnus of the prestigious Olusola Lanre Coaching Coaching Academy (OLCA) and an Executive member of the Life Coaches Association of Nigeria (LCAN). He coaches individuals and organizations across diverse sectors and industries. He has worked with individuals in Ghana, Sierra- Leone, and Cameroon via life coaching and strategy. Victor has also interacted with organizations such as Centre for Values in Leadership, Miked Maternal Services, Wave Academy, Pacesetters, and many more. Victor is currently the Director of Culture & Strategy at Talem Enterprise Group; an innovative human development organization directly focused on empowering individuals across diverse organizations with relevant tools and techniques through an organized human-centred learning approach in order improve employee performance and increase productivity

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